Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0147 - Readmittance

As many of you have noticed, Don has been absent from this blog for the past few days. He was readmitted back into the hospital on Tuesday the 18th. I had another early day at work, so I did not find out about this most recent set of complications until later in the day. Don had been feeling weak and lightheaded throughout the morning, and took a spill on one of his many trips to the bathroom. Don wasn’t hurt, but the lightheadedness continued, so he was taken into the emergency room.

They ran another battery of tests on Don including ultrasounds, lung scans, and blood tests. The doctor believes that most of his symptoms are related to dehydration and anemia, caused by the surgery. He is getting a blood transfusion as I type this, and this will hopefully improve his condition. Don will be seeing a cardiologist and a urologist to have a look at some irregularities in his heart rate and bladder, which all could have been related to surgery.



barbschellenberg said...

Sending prayers your way :) I am also a cancer patient, and can understand all that goes with having cancer. Hope you are back on your feet again soon.

j said...

thinking about you and your family