Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Unwanted Journey: Day 1023 - Making the Most of It

  • I'll be getting out of hospital much earlier than expected.

  • I walked at least ten cycles of the ACOU ward on my first time out of bed, getting guidance and help from the physio-therapist.

  • There are no plans for anymore surgery.

  • Epidural pain killers are absolutely fantastic.

  • I'm having great conversations with medical staff.

  • SlingPlayer is saving me money watching television while in the hospital.

  • I've already had two "real" meals and two clear liquid meals.

  • Ian wrote a great blog post for me yesterday.

  • Did I mention the wonderful pain killers?

  • I have a telephone and my computer again.

  • While using epidurals, I have private room care with the "cream of the crop" nursing staff in the acute care observation unit.

  • The hospital bed is better than anything we have at home.

  • Family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues have been unbelievably supportive.

  • Unlike the last time, I've already had bowel movements starting again (OK, that was probably more than you wanted to know.)

  • I've got more reading material from friends than I can handle.

  • Friends are going to be grandparents of twins soon.

  • I get to see my friend's "girls" soon (his three Belgian horses).

Having listed some of the wonderful aspects of the past couple days, there is clearly some very disappointing news too.

Just to clarify a little, the malignant growths that were too small for the CT scan were scattered throughout the abdominal wall and probably elsewhere too. There were too many to even consider a surgical option.

So, no more talk of a cure now. Our goal is life extension and making cancer a chronic condition with as few side-effects on quality of life as possible. Unfortunately, to do so, we will have to use brutal chemotherapy methods as the primary treatment option. Ironically, I feel great right now, but the treatment will make me feel quite sick.

Day at a time, day at a time, day at a time - my new mantra.


Anita M said...


Yesterday's news hit hard.

Just for the record:

- we continue to anticipate your entry for day 2000.

- I am still hoping for your five digit entries

- sometimes the 'impossible' does become reality. That remains our hope!

I have been heartened by your entry today. I admire your courage. I respect your journey.

Here's to lots more GOOD days!

(Now if I can just pass the word verification test beneath this comment box !?!)

Marie B. Elenda said...


I am sitting on my desk, speechless and probably in denial. I may have read yesterday's blog at least 10 times I guess hoping to read somthing different.But unfortunately it is what it is right? I am not sure what to say but I would love to pay you a visit as soon as you are out of the hospital if that's ok.

You have and continue to impact my life in more ways than one.

Don Spencer said...

Anita and Marie,

Thank you both for writing and thinking of me.

Somebody has to be in the albeit small percentage of "respondents" to palliative chemotherapy - why not me? That would easily constitute a "miraculous" outcome for me.