Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An Unwanted Journey: Day 1015: Just Stand Up To Cancer

OK, I'm a sucker for collaborative charity projects among artists. It doesn't matter so much the quality of the final product, it's the effort and the cooperation that impresses me. So last night when I got my weekly iTunes email notice, there was one that caught my attention immediately, a single and digital booklet released on 29-Aug-2008. It features a group of famous female divas joining together on a pop song encouraging us all to stand up to cancer. Both the single and the Stand Up To Cancer web site are also promoting a television special for 5-Sept-2008 dedicated to the fight against cancer.

I may be listening to the single a few times this next week as I prepare for surgery...maybe even more after the surgery.

'"If you fall, dust if off, don't let up

Don't you know

You can go be your own miracle."


Anonymous said...

Check out:

11/06 T3N0M0 LAR currently NED

Anonymous said...

That would be a CRC nearly the same location as yours.

Don Spencer said...

Thanks, Daniel. I will have to buy that Sexy Crazy Cancer DVD. Good luck to you with your journey. Write whenever you wish.