Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0124 - High Spirits

Just after dawn another step in Don’s Unwanted Journey, a total mesorectal excision, began. At 6:30 we were lead into a changing room where Don prepared for the most invasive part of his battle with cancer, the removal of his tumor. A nurse led us through the corridors of the hospital to the family waiting room before Don’s surgery. We sat in that room and anxiously discussed what was in store with his student nurse, which he was lucky enough to get with the college strike in Ontario ending the day before. Since this was her first surgery as well, we were all a little nervous. As the clock ticked onwards towards 8:00, a nurse came for Don and we said our goodbyes and wished him all the best.

This wasn’t a short operation by any stretch. But an entire ipod battery charge and most of Brave New World later, the doctor came to tell us the news. The surgery had gone well! He had successfully removed the tumor without the need for an ileostomy. After a couple of hours in recovery we were finally able to see a very groggy and very talkative Don. We were told once he was awake, he asked countless questions, and the nurses said “he must have access to the internet”. This statement really sums up how Don has fought cancer in his own way throughout this unwanted journey, knowledge. He has an insatiable need to know everything he could about what was happening to him.

When he was finally moved out of the O.R. to his bed for the next week or so, saying he was stoned would be an understatement. His pupils were the size of pie plates, but he seemed in very high spirits. He says that he “is feeling better than expected” but he is already bored. I’m sure you loyal readers will see him back writing blogs within a few days. For the time being my brother and I will be handling the blogging, and will try to post regularly about Don.



bill said...

This is great news. I, like many others, have read Don's somtimes brutaliy honest postings about this unwanted invader. It takes great courage to lay out your emotions in the way Don has. I know he's helping many others by detailing his own battle. I have no doubt that Don will take some comfort in the outpouring of support from his faithful following. Keep it coming. bill

dawna said...

i'm glad to hear the good news! i heard about don's blog through my good friend kathy (edeva.ca) siebert. my dad had cancer last year and i feel i now know some of what he was going through at that time by reading don's blog. my dad had all of his cancer successfully removed through surgery, and is now well on the road to recovery... my best wishes to don for the same result!