Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0097 - Tools and Talking, Together

I wrote earlier of registering for a core program from HopeSpring called Tools for the Healing Journey. As soon as I was introduced to the facilitator, Kathy Hancox, we both realized we already knew one another. Evidently, many years earlier Kathy was a student in a tutorial I led for the History Department of the University of Waterloo. Now, our roles are reversed.

Kathy is also a qualified Rubenfeld Synergist. This should uniquely qualify her for leading our 6-week session, something which she has been doing for the centre for 5 years.

Today's session was a good introduction to the program. We spoke one-on-one with another program participant about ourselves, got to know the other group members and discussed our experience of cancer and the treatment process. As I was the last person to speak to the group about my diagnosis and treatment thus far, I felt humbled by the problems the other group members are facing, including three of whom spoke of metastasis of their cancer.

We were also introduced to a progressive relaxation exercise which was absolutely fantastic! We were given tapes and a booklet authored by Alistair Cunningham, himself a colorectal cancer survivor. Part of our homework is to read the introduction and first chapter of the booklet and do the progressive relaxation once or twice daily (keeping a log of our efforts).

I look forward to becoming better acquainted with the group members, our facilitator, and the program throughout the next few weeks before surgery.

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