Friday, December 28, 2007

Discovering The Ideas Guy, Richard Handler

Recently, I've taken to eating lunch at my desk. I know - not a good idea. There are many reasons to get up, move about, find another place to eat lunch, to change the pace of a day spent in front of the computer. But something good has come of this practice. I've rediscovered once again.

That, in itself, might seem a little strange for someone who has been a fan of CBC radio for years. In this I'm not alone. For many of us, CBC radio is the only reasonable choice for standard radio fare. CBC TV is not my first viewing choice. But until and unless I purchase a satellite radio, listening to Andy Barrie in the morning and flipping between CBC Radio 1 and CBC Radio 2 (I can't say the "new" music of CBC Radio 3 has captured my interest yet) while in the car is where you'll find me. The only exception while doing chores or driving is my iPod, something I find I'm doing more and more frequently (with my recent gift of a Best Buy gift card, I may end up purchasing an iPod Radio Remote for FM, in which case, the rationale for a satellite radio will almost disappear).

But as I chew on a sandwich or a fruit salad, I've taken to reading news stories and opinion pieces online on the CBC web page. And in doing that, I've discovered a rich source for another kind of digestible. Richard Handler is pegged as The Ideas Guy. His online columns come weekly, hardly enough to satisfy my lunchtime reading requirements. But invariably what he writes is both current and pertinent to my own intellectual journeys.

He writes about things that interest me, things like evolution, the weirdness of auditory hallucinations, why polytheism is still fascinating, and how to fake it at parties when chatting about a particular book or author. In each case, his ideas are enlightening and may just help you improve your image when engaged in an actual conversation with a real person over lunch.

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