Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Beauty

Originally uploaded by rtfax
If you click on this photograph, you will be taken directly to my Flickr site where there are a few more photographs of a spectacularly beautiful Boxing Day. Over night, there was a thick fox and just the right temperature to frost the trees. Then, to top it off, the morning was sunny and bright with the temperature just low enough to maintain the conditions necessary for some of us amateurs to take a few photographs.

What a stark contrast to the roads and the big box stores where everyone is searching for a bargain. We tried both today, but it was clear to me that the solitude and beauty of frosted trees was a far superior experience to shopping.

This morning was exactly the kind of experience you can imagine our ancestors anticipating following the winter solstice, a day when the sun begins its long, slow journey back to prominence. No matter how we package the experience, no matter what metaphysics we employ to layer meaning upon the moment, it is glorious enough in its simplicity.

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