Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0196 - Urology Blessing

I had my consultation with the urologist today. He was very pleased with my progress, so pleased, in fact, that we don't have to see one another for another 6 months. This means I no longer need to measure urine output (hurrah!), I don't have to consider any further self catheterizations (unless the same obstructions occur during chemotherapy), and I can assume I have regained full neurological control of the bladder.

I will probably continue to have interrupted sleep patterns at night, however. He explained that the volume of urinary output after midnight until early morning is owing to a systemic issue. The body is emptying extra fluid from body tissues, far more than can be accounted for in fluid intake during those same hours. Because I am sick, this systemic response is even more pronounced. There won't be any relief, though, except with the passage of time. But of course chemotherapy could throw a wrench into the recovery process. Still, in his opinion, I am doing well and can expect to improve even further.

So, all that remains now is to see the surgeon again tomorrow, review how my bowel is responding to the regimen I am following, and from that determine whether or not I can begin chemotherapy next week. I am not anxious to have my body assaulted yet one more time, but it has to be done, and I would like to get it over with as soon as possible.

I also picked up the forms and physicians's reports from my general practitioner today to support my weekly indemnity payments. Reading through those reports from the cardiac care specialist and my medical oncologist was sobering. I have undoubtedly been very sick over the past couple of months. There are unanswered questions about how some of the problems I've encountered developed. But whatever the questions and uncertainties, the body has a marvellous healing potential. Despite everything, I am getting stronger and becoming more capable each day. Not strong enough or energetic enough yet to do work, but getting closer to that goal.

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