Thursday, May 25, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0183 - Incredible Shrinking Man

My medical oncologist is now off on paternity leave (congratulations!), so I am faced with doing a lot of explaining of my treatment history with the replacement oncologists over the next few months. Yesterday, after a wait of about 90 minutes, I had my first opportunity to do so. The result was a delay in the commencement of my chemotherapy until June 14th, primarily because of concerns about stabilizing my weight, my bowels and bladder.

Unfortunately, my weight continues to decline. Yesterday, I actually had an upset stomach which left me declining food. On the scales this morning, I had lost another 2 pounds. That kind of weight loss does a lot to explain my lack of energy, my light headedness, and my inability to recover more rapidly from the surgical complications I experienced.

The good news is that my upset stomach seems to have disappeared as of this morning. But I still find it difficult to eat as much as is necessary to stabilize my weight. Never had that problem before! I now weigh what I did when my wife and I first moved to the Waterloo Region back in 1977! Not that I would advise this method of weight loss for anyone.

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1 comment:

Jesse said...

Hey there!
This is my first visit here, so of course you didn't know me. I was diagnosed with leukaemia few months ago and till now I'd gone through 2 cycles of induction chemo and the third round will start in 2 weeks time.

Hope that everything goes well with you. Blessings.