Saturday, October 29, 2005

Windows Connections 2005

This week is the Windows Connections Conference in San Diego. It will be the first such conference that I will be able to attend, so my expectations are mixed. Conferences are almost always a great way to network and establish important business relationships. The training aspect of this particular conference is also very important to me since I am a “lone wolf” where I work. On the other hand, it’s very difficult to digest so many sessions in such a short period of time. At least the conference proceedings will be available on CD (Microsoft Exchange Connections Conference is happening concurrently and the proceedings of that conference can be purchased separately).

It seems that events like this have been happening either annually or twice annually since 2000. Although the presence of Microsoft will be significant, the conference speakers do not all hail from Redmond.

Monday night will begin with a keynote address from Mark Minasi of MR&D about Windows Server R2, Longhorn and Beyond. My plan is to blog as many sessions as possible.

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