Tuesday, September 08, 2009

An Unwanted Journey Day 1386 - "Freeport"

Today Don was admitted to Freeport Medical Centre for hospice care. We could no longer provide the care necessary for him at home. I was impressed with the facilities and staff at the Centre and feel confident he will receive the appropriate care.

It was a difficult decision for our family to have Don move to Freeport for continued palliative care. But Don realized he needed some extra help that family could not provide. It will be very different not having him in the house but in the end it is the best choice for all involved. I'm sure we will be spending a lot of time at the Centre.

Thanks to all of you who have supported him so far.

I. Spencer


Episcopaliann said...

~Ongoing prayers for all of you as you move through this time of transition. Thank you for keeping us posted via Don's blog.

Peace and blessings,


Lorna Scott said...

The journey is not easy. I know you will miss Don at home. You have incredible strength to make such a difficult decision at a difficult time. Both of you are such wonderful role models for all of us, and especially those who may be following a similar journey.

Please give my best wishes to Don - and for you, M. I wish you ongoing strength as you continue on this journey.

I know my words are absolutely understatements but I find there are no others that can convey accurately what I want to say.

Take care,
Lorna Scott

Anonymous said...

My best wishes follow you Don and my hope that things can go as well as they can. Through this prolonged illness your courage, strength and wisdom have been magnified. It's been a real delight having you as a friend for so long.

My thoughts are with you M. and the boys as well. Having seen this relentless illness from close up I know the daily torture you face. You will find a strength within yourselves previously unknown.

Comfort and happiness are scarce these days - please borrow some from those who are closest to you.

brie said...

I can only imagine how tough the decision was for all of you, as right as it was/is.

Thanks for the update I.

J, S and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.


kengood3 said...

Don and M, thanks for the window into your home and family. Don, I don't know if I could be as open and frank. I know full identity disclosure is verbotten but what the hey after all these years. Ken Good

Daria said...

I'm sorry ... what a difficult decision ... what a difficult journey.

mar said...

Don - I'msending you a big bear hug (OK, maybe a little gentler one)! I'm sure I speak for others when I say that you & Marg and the boys have been amazingly selfless in continuing to share this journey so that we might learn some new perspectives & insights into a place where none of us ever expects to go - where you never expected to go - but a place where many of us will one day tread, in one way or another. As I read these entries it is obvious that you have one heck of a fan club my friend! We are all out here, thinking of you, sometimes at the oddest time of day - then sending big blasts of positive energy, prayers, and blessings your way. The Freeport crew are awesome - you are in good hands.... Mar

Laura Callum said...

Dave and I are thinking of your family as you go through this new phase. It is one we may be facing soon, and we admire the grace which you and your family have shown throughout this journey.

Laura and Dave Callum