Monday, December 29, 2008

An Unwanted Journey: Day 1132 - Creativity and Confusion


Maybe stating the obvious will help me get back into writing regular blog entries.

Publishing personal blog entries depends on personal energy levels, which in turn depends absolutely on my mix of pain medication drugs.

One day, the mix leaves me sleeping or too sleepy to compose coherently. While I was still in hospital, I would still find 5 minutes somewhere to edit my material. That was usually enough. Now, it's not even close. In other words, editing is by far the most time consuming part of publishing my blog entries (the few there are). Unfortunately, research and creative writing remain my favourite activities in writing blogs.

This all means that I can no longer trust myself. I will regularly have to request my sons or wife to check each entry to see if they think it is legible, not to mention interesting.

Sorry for the delays....


Mary Dempster said...

Just great to hear from you Don. I'm sure we all understand and are amazed that you are including blogging on your "to do" list while dealing with pain management etc.

ken coe said...

The best of the season to everyone Don:

Eye think two much has been said about god editing. Watt with spell cheque won can just strike a quay and the computer takes care of the wrest. The queue to good righting is simply to hammer away and let the words and letters falls as they may.

Bake wen hour kids wear young, they were instructed in the manly art of putting ideas to paper ignoring the rules of engagement demanded of the King’s English so later they had to rely on me to edit their resumes, tern papers and the like. Oddly enough this has met with mixed success and several criminal charges.

So let the words fall as they may. We will still appreciate them.

As always, the best wishes too you and your’s.


brie said...

Finally, a little sun on this, the first day of a new year (at least, by our calendar!)

Hope the sun is shining on you as you read this ....

Thinking of the four of you, as always.


P.S. Your words are always great, but so are your pictures! Each one of them "speaks to me" in some way. Where DO you find them all?

Ken Good said...

Don, don't worry about the composition the content will look after itself. May the sun shine on everyone each hour of each day. Ken Good

Christine said...

Don just back down from a week up in haliburton at the cottage. I have been thinkng about you wondering how you are managing so I thought I would check in now that I am reconnected. I am thinking good thoughts for you and Nick and I are cheering on your Raptors althougth Nick seems more interested int he Miami Heat as Dwade is having an incredible year.
Take good care.


brie said...

Just dropping by to say hi .....


brie said...

The snow has stopped and the Raptors have been winning! YEAH!

Thinking of you.