Saturday, July 05, 2008

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0953 - McFadyen new head of GRRCC

My surgical oncologist, Dr Craig McFadyen, has just been named the new head of the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre. In addition, he is the regional vice-president with responsibilities for the cancer centre and the Waterloo-Wellington regional cancer program.

I am so grateful that he took a lead on my initial diagnosis of colorectal cancer, helped craft the treatment protocol, performed several colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies as well as the low anterior resection which removed the tumor from my body, and has been actively involved in my follow up consultations since.

Although his leadership and administrative responsibilities mean that he will spend less time in surgical practice, I have every confidence that he will continue to keep abreast of the most current medical treatment protocols to the benefit of all who find themselves, like me, in need of treatment from the GRRCC.

I especially appreciate that one of his goals is to include more patients in clinical trials. As I now face the prospect of liver metastases, clinical trials may become a significant treatment option for me personally.

If anything positive can be said about the prospect of having lesions in my liver, having access to the best radiation therapy in the province, the second-best wait times for chemotherapy in the province, and one of the best surgical oncology teams leaves me hopeful.

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