Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0775 - Radiation Redux

Two years ago today I had my first radiation treatment and first chemotherapy treatment for colorectal cancer. There was so much more that transpired that day, in addition to the treatment, but thankfully it has become a bit of a blur now in retrospect. As I re-read my blog entry for that day, though, I can feel something of the overwhelming nature of what I was going through.

Today was so much simpler. I find myself just over a month into a new job, back into a little bit of T-SQL programming, and helping design specific implementation guidelines...enjoying making a solid contribution again. Tonight, as I watch the Raptors play the 76ers, all I have to do medically is stop eating twelve hours before going to the lab to have some blood drawn for my quarterly CEA follow-up tests.

There is nothing overwhelming about a day like today. It's been a good day, the kind of day that gratifies with the simple joys of doing useful work in a field I love with other people who love what they do. And then to come home to see my wife and youngest son, to chat for a while on the phone with my eldest son who is starting his second term of his second year at university, and to place yet another call to my Mother to wish her a happy birthday for tomorrow.

These are good things. It is a privilege to be able to do them. Anatomically, I am a little different these days, minus both a rectum and a mesorectum. I've lost physical strength and stamina, but I don't think I've lost any abilities to perform a good day's work in my field of information technology. And my wife and sons are still here cheering me on and supporting me.

If I never see another radiation unit, another chemotherapy lab, or get prepped for surgery again...well, that's just the way I like it.

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Anonymous said...

Don - pass on my heartiest best wishes to your mom for a happy birthday! I fondly recall us playing pool at your mom and dad's place 40 years ago. All the while playing 'Bus Stop' by the Hollies (@45 rpm) endlessly on your record player.

Nice to have your mom and dad with you.

Way West & Way Right