Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lost Time

"Whenever there's a book that gets on camera, there's usually a purpose." - The Lost Book Club

"It's a show that really rewards continued viewing." - again, from The Lost Book Club, a special feature of the DVD collection of the third season

The past couple weeks, I've spent a lot of my spare time relaxing and watching the entire third season of the TV series Lost. During this time, I've been somewhat surprised to see my youngest son reading a number of books that I never would have predicted. I was intrigued to see him taking books to work and for reading on the bus, trying to figure out what the common thread might be.

But as I started watching the third season myself, it became apparent to me that he was joining The Lost Book Club, following along with the book covers that appeared, perhaps only for a second or two, during the third season.

Whatever the motivation, it's great to see a television series fostering enjoyment of reading.

The Lost Library (a partial list):

A more complete list is available here.


gemt;eascent said...

Hi Don

Would love to get together some time, I've been off work for over three months so I would be nice to have as sounding board, plus one question you ask me during our last meeting I didn't answer truthfully.

Enjoyed perusing your list of books with a particular interest in books dealing with the struggling experiences. My ancestors take me back to County Kilkiney (stil working on the spelling. LOL
I'm still off work so anytime is good for me. e-mail me or give me a a all at 748-9406.
Cheers for now

Ron Code said...

Hi Don

Continuing to enjoy your informative blogs. I would love an opportunity of getting together some time.

Presently, I've been off work for three months with the side affects of sleep apnea. So would be nice to bounce some ideas of you.

Last time I was with you I wasn't truthful with you in answering a observation you made.

Plus, I would love to discuss some of the Irish historical book you mentioned in your blog.

Bye for now,
Gentleascent (RON)

Don Spencer said...

Ron, more than happy to get together with you as soon as possible. I've sent you an email with my new company email account.

Looking forward to getting together.


Anonymous said...

It's Ayn Rand, not Ann.

Don Spencer said...

Thanks for the correction. I should have known that, having a couple Rand books in my library already. :)