Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0702 - Good, Good, Good

The unbridled optimism didn't last, of course. The very next day after blogging about the unexpected persistence of optimism, I felt what, in retrospect, was an inevitable mood of uncertainty. Nonetheless, those temporarily meandering moods, those unwelcome reality checks, don't last long.

It helps, of course, to hear from my family physician that my cholesterol levels are down from my last appointment in the spring, that I'm looking good with my weight loss, and that he gave me a discount on photocopying the voluminous medical reports in my cancer treatment file. It helps, too, to splurge on some some new clothes, to have a new cell phone, and to be eagerly waiting for my new portable Dell workstation to arrive. It helps as well to have so many people offering well wishes, providing references, and getting me in contact with tangible opportunities. All these things help.

It helps to be productive with not only the job search, but with the Waterloo Wellington IT Professionals user group, and with contributions to other IT-related endeavors (see my recent technical blog entry). And it really helps to be drawing ever closer to the second anniversary of my initial diagnosis of cancer with a clean bill of health and no evidence of disease!

As my beloved Toronto Raptors announcer, Chuck Swirsky, would say, "It's all good. It's all good."

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