Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Video Tribute to Randy Spencer

On 4-Sep-2007, it will be the fifth anniversary of the death of my brother, Randy Spencer. He died far too young at age forty-five.

Randy was a self-made man, a loving husband, and a very proud father of two children. He continually surprised members of his extended family with his penchant for learning new things, setting goals, and then working until he had mastered the skills required.

One of the areas he excelled in was web development, especially the graphics required to set sites apart from the run of the mill. I would dearly have loved to have seen what he might have done during these past five years if he were still with us. Instead, we have some of his digital work which reminds us of his aptitude, his strength of character, and what might have been.

This video is a tribute to Randy with the graphics courtesy of his daughter.


Jennifer Spencer said...

Uncle Don
For the past five years, I have wondered what could have been created had my dad not passed away so unexpectedly. Through his works, he showed promise.
Thank you for depicting what an amazing person he was.
He would have been proud!
Lots of love, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw Randy he was about 17 and that's the image of him that stays in my mind. Forever 17.

Ruth said...

What a beautiful tribute to your brother, Don. Thanks for sharing it.