Friday, December 08, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0380 - Time to catch a breath?

Not a chance. Medically, there are still appointments to keep and doctors who want their piece of the pie. Today was the urologist. I like this guy. He helped me a lot when I was suffering post-surgical complications in the hospital in April of this year. And he prescribed Flomax to help me ensure I had urinary function for most of the time since I was discharged from hospital. But today, the appointment was just about a quick Q&A, giving me a prescription for more Flomax for another year (if necessary), and booking a follow-up appointment for a urinary ultrasound in March. It hardly seemed worth the time away from work.

And then there was work. Not a good day. You might think that the day after receiving such good news about my health there would be some carry-over. Nope. No respite. Just "so now that you're all better, here's what we want you to do next." Well, OK, that's the nature of things, I guess. I was just hoping for something better. But if there's one thing I've learned throughout this ordeal, no matter how much you might hope for the best, you need to steel yourself for the worst. I guess I need to apply that life lesson to the world of work too.

On the home front, things are busy, but good busy. My son is taking exams at university. My other son is trying to decide whether he can sleep in his bedroom downstairs tonight after last night's flooding from a leak in the water conditioner and the battery of high-speed fans we have set up to dry out the carpets. My wife and I are taking turns driving and picking up both the great young men in our lives. She's my partner and a better partner I couldn't hope for. We'll help each other catch our breath and put the business and uncertainties of life into perspective, one day at a time.

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