Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0309 - Fatigue and Neuropathy

The last few days have been characterized by pronounced fatigue and regular neuropathy. Both have been worse than at any other time during my chemotherapy treatment. The good thing is that other side-effects have been minimal.

It's difficult dealing with these particular side-effects. Sleeping doesn't seem to minimize the fatigue at all, and the neuropathy just comes and goes without any forewarning. I can lie still for a couple hours, and then just reach for a glass of water and find that the tingling in the fingertips makes it almost impossible to grasp the glass.

Still, I keep thinking that there is only one more treatment after this. That thought keeps me buoyed to some extent.


On another note, is it possible that cancer blogs will be the focus for spam? I've noticed a couple questionable comments before, but the one from anonymous for Day 0305 is over the top, in my opinion. It's so transparent and so tacky.

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