Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0225 - Fellow Travellers

One resource I haven't availed myself of yet is other cancer patient blogs. As I near the end of my treatment, I hope to change this, to become less concerned with my own journey and more aware of how I share a path with many others.

Thus far, I have focused on how cancer has threatened me personally, how it has dealt me a body blow (literally), and yet coincidentally opened up vistas of meaning and hope that I never would have anticipated. While it is true that blogging about my battle with cancer has given me the chance to communicate with many people with whom I never otherwise would have had extensive conversations, I have been negligent in returning the favour. Gradually, I will remedy that.

Here are just a few fellow travellers with much wisdom to share:

Chronicles of a Cancer Survivor: David J. Hahn, pianist and cancer blogger. David, I wish I could join you on those bicycle journeys. But rectal cancer means bicycling is just about the most uncomfortable of exercise options available to me. Keep goin' rookie.

My Private Casbah: Bint Alshamsa, a gifted writer, biology student, and survivor extraordinaire. Not all her entries relate to cancer, but those that do are well worth the effort of finding and consuming.

My Cancer: Leroy Sievers, a commentator with NPR and podcaster with many awards to his credit, including 12 Emmys.

truesurvivor: Katie Paine, a serial entrepreneur, someone Shel Israel mentioned to me (Shel is a co-author of Naked Conversations). Katie, thanks for visiting An Unwanted Journey. I hope to order Sweet Scoops yogurt as soon as possible. Chemotherapy has left me unable to eat ice cream, so I'm hoping your recommendation fills the gap nicely.

And finally, from the treatment side,

The Cheerful Oncologist: Craig Hildreth, M.D., medical oncologist and someone who knows that Sibelius rocks.

Visit these folks, share a comment with them, and be enriched.

Speaking of being enriched, I can't emphasize enough just how much blogging has enriched my own life. It has also allowed me to peek in on others. My niece is a perfect example. Her blog has opened her life to her family and friends. She shares random and not-so-random thoughts about parenting, about the joys of reading, the world of writing and the visual arts, and she's not a bad photographer too! Check her out at
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