Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0083 - They'll Miss Me

The women (it was all women except a single male intern for the first few treatments) who have been leading me through my 28 fractions of radiation treatment at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre will miss me.

It would have been a comical site for a disinterested observer. I walked into Radiation Treatment Room #3 for my 28th dose. One of my regular therapists said again that I've done really well, kept my spirits up, maintained good physical condition throughout - I guess those Godiva chocolates yesterday for St. Valentine's Day paid off.

Then she was joined by another therapist. So I took off my glasses and one of the blue hospital gowns, climbed onto the treatment bed and exposed my buttocks. At that point, we started discussing what this week's booster radiation was all about. So, there I was face down looking from one therapist to the other as they tag teamed me in their explanations about how the narrowing of the radiation field worked for the final 3 sessions.

It was so funny. Two good looking woman standing in front of me. My derrierie exposed to anyone who happened to be in the room or in the radiation control room, talking nonchalantly about targeting the tumour, the women using their fists to illustrate how the radiation yesterday, today, and tomorrow would be focused laserlike on that sucker, and me beginning to laugh at the surreal nature of the situation.

They'll miss me. I'll miss them too...every chance I get...just kidding. They've been a great support and help through the past few weeks, but I have to admit that not getting any further radiation treatment sounds very good to me.

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