Monday, March 22, 2004

ManyOne Universal Browser

As a subscriber to Integral Naked (, I received the weekly update this morning. The feature interview this week is with Joe Firmage, cofounder of USWeb and called by some a UFO lunatic. I had never heard of the man before, so I'll leave the Fox Muldar musings until I know a little more about him. The Disinformation web site has a brief biographical sketch with links to other articles about Firmage (see for anyone interested in finding out more about him.

Anyway, I've just downloaded the MANYONE Universal Browser, which Integral Naked says "may revolutionize the way we use the World Wide Web." I'll also download the conversation between Ken Wilber and Joe Firmage for later listening. Whether the man and his inventions live up to the hype on Integral Naked or not, I'll be sure to write some more about the browser soon.