Sunday, March 28, 2004

It's Spring. Let's Buy a Car!

Well, after much consideration and some research, a test drive, checking out some blockbluster spring car sales, and talking to friends and neighbours, we made a decision - we purchased the Toyota Camry LE. This time, unlike our last vehicle, a 2001 Ford Focus wagon, we decided to purchase outright. Sure, it costs more, but we figure that the Camry should have good resale value if and when we decide to get another car in five years or so. I just couldn't imagine buying out the lease on the Ford Focus.

We didn't have a lot of probems with the Focus, but you could just tell that it wouldn't last another three or four years. The Ford dealership had a three-day, Ontario-wide sale on, but a comparable Taurus was more expensive and not nearly as impressive as the Camry. And sure enough, when we visited the Ford dealership this afternoon, there weren't many people around, despite the promise of a $4500 rebate (on cash sales only, we discovered!). But at the Toyota dealership, the place was packed. At least twenty cars had already been sold by the time we arrived at 1:00 pm today.

By 3:00 pm, we had signed all the papers and made all our decisions about interior and exterior color, extended warranties, rust protection, fabric protection and so on. Delivery is slated for the end of May to coincide with the end of the lease on our Focus. That's a full two months away, but at least our birthdays and anniversary and income tax season will be over by then. We're feeling a little stressed out, but like all other big decisions, it's good to have finally made the choice.