Friday, November 28, 2008

An Unwanted Journey: Day 1101 - Goals

CategoryGoal (measurable)Progress (%)Lesson
Voiding2 litres (minimum)100
2250 ml
2 litres a day has got to mean something about getting excess bodily fluids out
ROHO Insertget components from Medigas setup and tested100every little bit helps when it comes to reducing pain; this insert is definitely more comfortable
BlogSpirituality sub-thread #4 re friendship100Most people are smart enough to wear more than one hat at a time; give them the benefit of the doubt
WheelchairInto the living room, family room etc. 100I'll have to alternate walker and wheelchair challenges
VisitsLimit to 1 visit, 2 people100Great visit with 2 colleagues at the same time in the early afternoon; too many phone calls throughout the day made it seem like visitation wasn't under control, as did dealing with the opiates for pain medication


brie said...

Love your goals - they cover the whole range of body, mind and spirit! :-)

Glad to know that you are older than me if you are describing yourself and the friends who visited you as "seniors". I personally see myself as no more than an intermediate! :-)

Have you seen the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video on U Tube? Thought you might get a kick out of it and out of his talk about he made it.

Thinking of you,

Lorna Scott said...