Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pastafarians - The Right Stuff

If you've ever enjoyed a plate of spaghetti and meat sauce, then you owe it all to the creator of the universe, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, known to the devout simply as FSM. Those of us fortunate enough to have discovered this deity and partaken of his sacraments - be it spaghetti, manicotti, rigatoni, or any of the pasta dishes - can only hope that more will join the world's fastest growing carbohydrate-based religion.

Evidence of pasta design is everywhere ... once you know where to look (starting in an Italian restaurant wouldn't be a bad idea). But while pasta is fasta, those needing systematic theology should consult the text - The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Others who doubt both personal dietary experience and sober second thought may be convinced by the FSM's own words, now collected as they were revealed to pastafarians everywhere - GOD SPEAKS! The Flying Spaghetti Monster in his Own Words.

It may take a concerted effort to get our schools to modify their curriculum to teach this gospel alongside evolution and intelligent design. In the meantime, missionary zeal can still accomplish a great deal of good. Pasta'faries are needed to bring the gospel to the world, especially those places where pasta is unknown. And, of course, your prayers are needed for the unfortunate, especially those who don't understand al dente.

In the meantime, just to keep your spirits up, try Flying Spaghetti Monster, The Game.

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