Saturday, May 19, 2007

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0541 - Get Screened Now! ... Please.

Melanoma Girl pointed me to the following public service announcement, something which got my day off a very good start:

The following isn't quite as funny, but still indicative of the light-hearted approach I'm seeing these days in recommending colon cancer screening:

The Colorectal Foundation of Australia has a spot that is far funnier:

You'll have to wait for this one, but I guarantee you'll be entertained with the voices of the Simpsons characters on a Conan O'Brien late night clip:

Breast cancer screening? What did you expect?

A touch of poignancy.

One of my favourite actresses, Bythe Danner, talking (seriously) about losing her husband to oral cancer:

Going too far with cancer awareness? How about using cancer as a diet gimmick?

Finally, if you have 25 minutes to spare, let me recommend something that isn't funny at all, but extremely important. In this video, a gastroenterologist from the Seattle area talks about and illustrates CRC (colorectal cancer) screening information.

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