Monday, April 30, 2007

Is the right wing out of control in the United States?

Saturday, I wrote about the threat of christo-fascists in the Christian right wing in the United States. Well it didn't take long at all to see how potent is the pent-up anger and vitriol of the right. Fox News reported a so-called hate crime against a Muslim student in Lewiston, Maine which - shame on the Fox journalists - turned out to be a parody. The incident involved a middle school in which a good ole boy threw a ham sandwich at a Muslim student. The parody talked about hate crime and using ham as a tool of hate. That should have clued Fox journalists into the Colbert-Report nature of the faux news item ... but it didn't. "I'm not making this up," was the repeated battle cry of the television reporters.

Fox News reported it is as true. The point, though, is that the right immediately gobbled it up and responded with phone calls and emails full of hate and anger at the school. The fiasco is covered here. Make sure you watch the clip to see how foolish the Fox television coverage was.

But it gets better. The Sun Journal covered the story too, recognizing that it was a parody. But please read some of the comments attached to the news clip to see just how ridiculous the situation in the United States has become. Instead of condemning Fox, or even finding fault with the pranksters, the comments betrayed a deeply held suspicion of immigrants and the intense rancor of the right wing.

As Homer Simpson would put it, "Where has all the love gone?"

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