Sunday, March 04, 2007

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0466 - No News is Good News

I was scheduled this past week for a consultation with my medical oncologist. It turned out that he was sick that day, but we've rescheduled for next week. I also have appointments for another CT scan this month and a consultation with my family physician to review lab tests - a full blood work up, EKG, and urine tests which I did at the medical lab earlier this week. I've already had my second CEA blood test for the year to review as well.

But the bottom line is that right at this moment, there really isn't any news to report on the medical front. That's great! Sure, the neuropathy continues, but even there I'm beginning to discern signs of improvement. My fingertips aren't tingling as much and the bottom of my feet don't feel quite so numb. Yes, I have many nights of disruptive sleep because of the "new normal" in bowel habits which comes with the territory of having a low anterior resection. And yes, there is occasional bleeding and discomfort, lack of balance, and stiffness. But things are gradually getting better.

This week at work, I'll be reviewing operating systems and applications to ensure preparedness for the extension of the daylight savings time in Canada and the United States. That will help put me in the mood for spring 2007, a season which in 2006 flew past in a fog of pain, medication, hospitalization, and uncertainty. In fact, at work there are a number of important projects to which I can make a very significant contribution. In addition, I'm becoming interested again in programming, especially the new PowerShell scripting for network administrators. Last year at this time, the idea of doing any programming or even learning about new techniques and technologies was completely unimportant to me.

Again, this may all seem like no news. And I suppose it is. But is it ever great to be thinking and doing normal things again!

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Vijay said...

In this case, No News is Great News...