Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0061 - Tired

What to do when you’re tired?

I don’t know. Don’t ask me. I’m too tired to really care.

This afternoon, that’s exactly how I feel – drowsy, my eyelids are drooping. I find it difficult to even lift my wrists a little when I’m typing. Is this because of the radiation and chemotherapy or am I just a slouch? I suspect it’s the treatment I’m receiving. The radiation oncologist told me as much when I had a consultation with him this afternoon.

But we’re only at Day 12 of 28, for God’s sake! “It’ll get worse,” is what he told me.

Last Friday, I felt like I could take on the world. I even wrote about it. Today, all I want is a nap.

But what about my attitude? Can’t I do something to perk up and fight this?

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Ron: Having trouble going in under my regular blog
Your last two words "maybe tomorrow" led me to think about which words are the most (fill in the blank)(important, significant,the best, etc.)

Following the annoucement of the second retirement of Mario Lemieux the radio airways were filled with the debate surrounding who is the best player of all time.

Naturally,the names of Lemieux, Gretzky, Orr and Howe were part of the top four list. Since I have personal stories of all four and have watched all four play, I can easily join in on the debate. My first pick is Bobby Orr, with Gretzky coming in a close second and the other two are not necessarily on my top four list. Since there have been so many other great players and favorites of mine, I feel compelled to give them consideration to.

Considering that there are far more words used in the english language than men who have played in the N.H.L.choosing which words are the best could prove even more difficult.

I suspect the words "I love you" would make most peoples top four list. Last night my 26 yr. old daughter who is going through a difficult time, looked into my eyes and spoke those words to me. I chose not to say them back to her at the time as I wanted her words to stand as sentinels on their own. Everyone needs to hear those words at some time as they are words that on their own carry a lot of meaning.

The words you chose to end your blog with, "maybe tomorrow" don't usually stand on their own. Those two words require more understanding of context to allow the reader/hearer to comprehend their significance. Consequently, they may not make the top four of everyone's list.

But given the context of the you the speaker and your particular situation at this time, they carry great significance.

The writer, as a wordsmith, chooses his/her words with great thought to express a particular point of view. The writer, as a functioning craftsmen,chooses his words with the hope of writing again. It could be seen as a choice of optimism.

With that thought in mind, I find your choice of wording to end your blog to be filled with optimism.
Consequently, I've decided to include those two words in my top four list.

At the end of one of my crises-filled days, I can stop to say, in a moment of time, "maybe tomorrow".