Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0026 - Special Ordinary

Apart from barely being able to walk down the stairs or to bend down to pick something up off the floor, it was a very good day. But even those aches and pains felt good. They were the telltale symptoms of a good physical workout, the result of barbell and stability ball squats, indicators that the core training exercises from yesterday were already paying dividends.

But what set this day apart for me was simply that cancer wasn’t always on my mind. Knowing approximately what the staging is for my cancer, what kind of treatment I can expect, having appointments scheduled to meet with the radiation oncologist and medical oncologist – that was enough to relieve my mind sufficiently to turn to other matters with more enthusiasm than I’ve been able to muster over the past three weeks.

Friends and some family members have also been incredibly generous. Our children’s god parents and cousin came to visit yesterday and to demonstrate their love and concern for the entire family. College friends, online buddies from around the globe, fellow choristers and parishioners, my sister’s husband – they have all been very supportive and generous in their offers of assistance.

But what really makes a good day great is the people closest to me, my wife and my sons. Throughout the past three weeks, they have made the uncertainty tolerable. Good days and bad days only make sense with them in the centre of everything. Between the four of us (not to mention our cat and dog), we have created something that transcends good news, bad news, and no news at all.

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